The clamp was built with the express purpose of bringing to the North American market an innovative, patented new product that addresses one of the most challenging issues facing the electrical distribution industry -power line galloping.

Power line (also referred to as conductors) galloping is the high amplitude, low frequency oscillation of overhead power lines due to wind.

The clamp has been in use by ATCO Electric for over 8 years and has shown to reduce conductor galloping.

The clamp restricts vertical and lateral movement of the conductor but allows the conductor to rotate within the clamp assembly thus removing torsion at the suspension point. With this capability compression and bird caging (unraveling of the strands) is eliminated.

One of the failures of the traditional suspension clamps is that they deform the conductor by compression, and due to the fact that the conductor is held static, fatigue of the strands ensue thus over time creating failure of the conductor.

  • Trunnion Clamp

  • Suspension Clamp

  • Suspension Clamp