Kinectrics Inc. Test Report for Anit-Galloping Solutions Mechanical and High  Voltage Tests on Aerial Conductor Suspension Clamp.

After completion of 100 million cycles, the Dane Clamp and conductor were visually examined (see Figures 6-8).

There were no signs of physical damage to any of the suspension clamp components. No breaks, cracks, failure, bird-caging or discoloration of exposed conductor (active and passive spans) components was detected.  The conductor section under the suspension clamp was also dissected (see Figures 6-8). There were signs of minor wear/abrasion on the out layer aluminum strands of the conductor (Figure 6).  Even lighter wear signs were found on the inner layer aluminum strands and the conductor’s steel core strands (see Figures 7 and 8).

No conductor strands were broken or cracked.